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Our Sensual Massage

The art of sensual massage is the transferal of sensual energy from our therapists to our clients. We will teach you how to truly feel your body as it is being touched and aroused sexually, to be in the present moment, aroused and alive. Your entire body will be massaged. The sexual energy may rise and fall during the massage. Allowing these peaks and valleys to happen without trying to control them is a beautiful and very sensual experience.


"Galaxy is a wonderful combination of both sweet and sexy. She has laughing eyes and a big smile.  She is captivating and illuminating and promises to leave you with a smile on your face."


KC is as sweet as Maple Syrup and a ray of sunshine. Take the dullness out of your day and indulge in a ritual of pampering with KC.


Stunning Meghan is a sensual delight. This beautiful lady is a wondrous sight - and has talents to match.

Erotic and exotic, is available to whisper sweet nothings in your ears.


" This petite little lady will drive you crazy, sexy is her middle name. One dose of this drug will never be enough, you might become addicted."

Mr R

Mr.R is here....

Offering alluring attention, proper pampering, terrific TLC in high doses, intense intimacy, a kismet kind of connection & full on pleasure of epic proportions.

Your pleasure matters to me. I will empower you to feel connected, seen & desired.

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